What is Human Design PDX?

Human Design PDX is a collaboration between Nani Chesire and Emily Vino. Together they have created zine-style guidebooks for each of the five energy types in Human Design: Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector, & Manifesting Generator. These guidebooks give practical information on how to exchange energy with the world. They give insight into how to best make decisions, & how to flow through life based on your energy type.

Read more about Nani & Emily’s personal stories below.

what is human design

What is Human Design?

Human Design combines Astrology, the Chakra system, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics to form a chart of when your soul entered this life. No two charts are the same, just as no two people are the same.

Human Design is a living experiment that has brought self-awareness and transformation to many. It has action oriented, practical applications such as how to exchange energy with the world in order to bring more flow, ease, and acceptance into your life. Most importantly it affirms your authentic self by reminding you of your uniqueness.

Although we were all born as our highest and truest self, most of us have been told who to be. We are taught that there is one “right” way to live. Human Design helps you shed what isn’t yours. It frees you from what society, religion, or your family structure has told you to be. It leads to a richer relationship with yourself as you learn to trust your own inner voice.

When you understand your Human Design, you are released from the pressure to conform. You become a better partner, a better parent, and a better friend. This leads you to give other people room to be who they are, and causes you to stop judging and trying to control who they are. Understanding yourself and others more completely can help you craft a life that is a manifestation of that which is good, abundant, healthy, and rich for you.

When we are not able to express our true selves in some way, we can feel it. We get stuck and we experience pain. It’s how we know when we’re “off course”…and we all have different paths. The world is changing and you probably just haven’t been given the little nuggets of information that you need to make a change.

About Nani

“It is so fun to share Human Design because I love to watch people understand themselves
and reconnect with their true essence”. – Nani

I am a Certified Human Design Practitioner, Essential Oil Educator, MBA, Mom and Soul Entrepreneur. As a mother of two energetic Generator kids (think energizer bunnies!) and balancing my business, I can tell you that Human Design and Essential Oils have transformed my family from overwhelm to joy. I still get knocked out of balance – but now I have the tools to get me back on track.

It is so fun to share Human Design because I love to watch people understand themselves and reconnect with their true essence. Human Design is the most incredible life navigation and personality tool that I’ve ever come across. Before discovering Human Design, I had done many different self-help trainings, books, workshops and more. I had no idea how much insight could come from one simple piece of paper – your Human Design chart. In the past I have run in too many directions and pushed against so many things in my life, but now I am learning to navigate my life and decisions more easily.


I love sharing the power of essential oils because they can transform your mood in an instant, elevate the health of your home, and affect your body on a cellular level. Not only do I use them to support the health and wellness of my family, I also use them in my work with Human Design.


About Emily

I love to share this experience with others & see them wake up to their own magic & gifts
while being freed from societal expectations.” – Emily


As a long time explorer of self-help, personality tests, & spiritual guidance, I love Human Design for how complex & intricate it is. I approach all systems such as Astrology, Enneagram, the Chakra system, & Human Design as self awareness tools. All these tools’ end goal is to help get in touch with our inner voice. In my life, I learned to listen to my intuition using these tools. 

During childhood I picked up the belief that I could not trust myself. I was not aware of any inner guidance system.

I also picked up the belief that art & creativity are not “real jobs” & you absolutely cannot make a living off of them. “Career” has been a stressful part of life as I was always torn between pursuing creativity & doing something “practical” & acceptable by society’s standards.

When I discovered Human Design, the first thing I learned about my type was that I am here to be a busy body & work, but that I should find work that lights me up. I was stunned because that was a radical idea to me. It was such a relief & was validating something I already knew inside but wasn’t quite brave enough to pursue. I was free! In reality, was I always free? Yes. But I didn’t know it. And that makes all the difference.

I love to share this experience with others & see them wake up to their own magic & gifts while being freed from societal expectations.

I am also a mixed media artist, & freelance illustrator / graphic designer. It’s been so fun to team up with Nani & merge my artist gifts with my passion for Human Design in the creation of the zines!