Understanding Energy Centers: Part 3

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If you haven’t yet, make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

The Sacral Center is the most powerful motor center in the body graph. It contains the energy of life itself. Biologically, it is associated with the male and female reproductive organs. Energetically it deals with work, sexuality, raising children and intimate relationships. It’s also about forming communities with systems of support for community members from the time they’re born to the time they die.

About 66% of people have a defined sacral. If this describes you, you are a generator type (generator or manifesting generator). To get an idea of this center, imagine a power generator providing a consistent source of energy to a building. There is also a consistent source of life force energy within your being. Your work energy, sexual energy and life-force energy will be relatively consistent throughout your life. However, the quality of your energy will naturally change as you age.

You are designed to respond to life. It’s very important to know in your gut that your answer is a “yes” when making a decision. On the other hand, if something doesn’t “light you up” or get you excited, you can be certain it’s a “no.”

Small children often answer yes or no questions naturally with “uh-HUH” or “UH-uh” sounds respectively. Generator-type kids often have this conditioned out of them by well-meaning parents who tell them to, “Say, ‘yes, please’ or ‘no, thank you.’” In trying to teach politeness, the parent accidentally teaches the child to disconnect from their gut response. When you put it into language, it becomes all too easy to zoom up to the mind. As we know, the mind is no one’s authority and is never a good place for decision-making.

Human Design PDX - Listen to your gut

You Can Practice Listening To Your Sacral Response.
Ask someone you trust to ask you a series of yes or no questions. It will help if you relax first, perhaps with meditation or a calming bath. Your trusted friend can begin by asking you simple questions with obvious answers such as, “Is it sunny today?” Then, they can work their way up to more serious questions such as, “Is your current job good for you?”

It’s important to note that you don’t need someone to ask you first if you want to leave a situation that is exhausting, draining, or abusive. Don’t get stuck in the dogma of “waiting to respond.” Always feel free to leave a situation that isn’t serving your highest interest.

If your sacral center is undefined you are a manifestor, projector or reflector. Most of the world’s population are generator types, so you can assume most of the world has been set up accordingly. There can be a lot of pressure to work and live life consistently due to this. It becomes a common theme in the conditioning of a non-sacral person. You will take in this energy around you and amplify it, though this can only sustain itself for short periods of time.

You may think you can work harder than anyone else around you. Due to the generator conditioning you may even be quite proud of that! However, on some level, you’re likely to know that this intensity of work energy can’t last for more than a few hours without burning you out.

A full-time, 9-5 job typically isn’t ideal for the undefined sacral, particularly if there are no periods of rest during the workday and freedom to take vacations. Most of us are programmed to work that 40-hour workweek to both survive financially and to avoid appearing “lazy.” Difficult as it may be, it’s crucial to know when enough is enough regarding work. If you don’t find a way of being that suits your energy type, you’ll totally burn out by the time you reach middle age.

Rest. Take naps. Find a way to both financially sustain yourself and work less hard. You are not lazy. You simply do not have sustainable energy within your being. It may seem counter-intuitive to your conditioned mind. Caring for yourself in these ways and using your energy correctly will make you even more powerful in the ways that you were meant to be in the first place. All of this is easier said than done, of course! Be patient and gentle with yourself in the process.

It’s important to note that, in order to let go of the sacral energy that isn’t yours, getting quality alone time is important. This might look like sleeping alone some or all of the time. It could be taking naps, laying down alone to rest, or having a meditation practice. There’s no single answer, so find an “emptying-out” practice that feels right for you.

human design root center

The root center is a motor center. It’s also one of two pressure centers along with the head center. It is associated with the stress hormone producing adrenal glands.

Stress typically has a negative connotation, but it does serve a purpose in our lives. Pressure moves us forward in life. Too little leaves us stuck and too much causes overwhelm. We must understand how to balance this energy both to find joy and have a high quality of physical health.

About 60% of the population has a defined root center. You’ll have consistency in the pressure you experience. This does not mean, however, that you will all feel it in the same way.

The way the root energy manifests itself in your life depends on which other centers it is connected to via a channel. The root could be connected to the spleen, the sacral or the solar plexus centers. Going beyond that, the particular defined channel will influence the ways you experience these waves of adrenaline pressure energy.

Just because your root center is defined, doesn’t mean you don’t experience challenges or stress. However, when you enter into the correct situations using your strategy and authority, you have the potential to stay grounded and have a beautiful sense of stillness in your pursuits.

Something to note in relationships–by nature of your energy, others may feel you are putting pressure on them. To maintain a sense of calm it’s advisable to clearly explain your expectations. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the pressure your friend, partner or acquaintance feels. However, beyond reassuring the other of your true intentions, it is not your responsibility to manage how others respond to you.

Approximately 40% of people have an undefined root center. When your root center is undefined you experience a never-ending sense of pressure to get things done. You long to sort out plans and to finalize decisions. It always feels like freedom lies on the other side of finishing the thing in front of you.

Regardless of energy type, we all need cycles of rest. The undefined root center’s pressure can be so strong that you forego rest in order to complete tasks to alleviate the pressure you feel.

It’s very important to learn to recognize this tendency. You must slow down for a moment and remind yourself that it is okay to set something aside. Asking yourself “what’s the worst thing that could happen if I don’t do X today?” is a great strategy for doing the right things. Very few situations these days are life and death emergencies requiring us to immediately respond. Most of the time, we won’t have terrible consequences for slowing down.

Breathing techniques for stress and anxiety relief can be very beneficial to learn. When you start to become aware, you may find yourself holding your breath and going into panic mode when faced with a task to complete.

Like anything else in our conditioning, the pressure of the open root begins to feel normal. Some of you will even begin to crave more intense pressure. While anyone can become addicted to caffeine or other stimulants, the open root might be especially drawn to them to increase adrenaline in the body. Some of you might be into extreme sports while others’ addiction to the adrenaline rush might look like a mug or more of strong coffee every day at the office. It all comes from this desire to relieve the constant pressure to “get things done.”

The themes of the open root center can be seen easily in work and career, but they’re also prevalent in relationships. You may feel like others are trying to pressure you into decisions or actions. They may have no idea you’re feeling this way, so be aware of this potential dynamic before you make an assumption. Openly communicating with the other person can help bring you clarity.

We Hope This Three-Part Series On The Energy Centers Have Helped You Gain Some More Clarity About Your Chart. If You Are Interested In Learning More, Booking A Reading Is a great place To Start. Let us know any comments or questions you may have below! 

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