Understanding Energy Centers: Part 2

human design g-center

If you haven’t yet, click here to read Part 1 which covers the ajna, head and throat centers.

The G center is also known as the identity Center or the self center. When it’s healthy and balanced, it’s magnetic. It attracts the correct experiences and opportunities for you. These are the catalysts you need to find your way in the world. Its themes are identity, love, and sense of life direction.

You’re here to give away love from your place of self-security. While everyone experiences a sense of “directionlessness” to some extent, maybe during a major life transition or their Saturn return, you have the amazing ability to know who you really are through it all. You won’t get as hung up on where you’re headed as someone with an undefined G center might. You know who you really are at your core, even if it takes time to consciously realize that. That being said, take a look at the area between your throat and G center. Is there any connection there? If so you may have experienced some trauma around people criticizing what you say or how you creatively express yourself. This is because everything that comes out of your mouth and everything that flows from you creatively comes directly from the core of who you are. Knowing this is part of the vital process of releasing trauma so you can open up once again. The world needs you to be who you are and radiate the love that naturally flows out of your center.

Am I worth loving? This question tends to set at the forefront of the undefined G center. You are very sensitive and can easily take on the identity of the other and know them on a deep level. This can be very positive when you understand what’s going on in order to create boundaries between what’s yours and what’s not. On the other hand, it’s easy to lose yourself in the identity of another. Those with an open G center can feel like a lack of direction in their lives. The best way to combat this feeling of aimless wandering is to be sure our surroundings make you feel secure and loved. This could include loving your home and making it feel delightful to all of your senses. This could include your workplace, your partnership, your friendships and your natural environment. Making sure your surroundings align with who you are (and not who someone else’s aura makes you feel you are) is vital for a healthy open G center.

human design heart center

The heart center is also known as the ego center or will center. It is one of the four motor centers that make up the body graph. Like a motor in a vehicle, a motor center provides energy for movement or action. The themes here are ego, willpower, self-esteem, money and other material things.

About ⅛ of the population has a defined heart center. If this is you, you have consistent willpower. You might be assertive and expressive about your own power. Used in it’s highest expression, this is natural and healthy for you. Don’t let anyone tell you to be more humble or less competitive. Because of your consistent energy, you need to make sure you’re not pushing through even when you need rest. You have to pay special attention to taking care of yourself because by nature you believe you can keep going and going. There is an aspect of you that loves and needs to accumulate material wealth. It’s important to remember that, although both “ego” and “love of money” tend to have negative connotations in society, they’re not negative at all when in their highest expression. When you own this part of yourself, you can be free to use your potential power and material wealth for a purpose greater than just you as an individual. A balanced expression of a defined will center can make a huge impact on the world. Another thing to remember about your defined heart center is that most people do NOT have this kind of intrinsic energy. While others may amplify your energy for a time, most cannot sustain the same power output that you have. Be gentle with your undefined coworkers and friends for best relational results.

Most people have an undefined heart center. In today’s world, there is a lot of pressure to use willpower to push through difficult situations and prove yourself. You are constantly questioning your value, and it’s likely you’ve been wondering “what’s wrong with me?” for years. You may have tried hard to prove yourself in a career or relationship that was simply not correct for you. This never-ending cycle leads to feelings of failure, low self-worth and eventually totally burning out. This is why it is essential to understand your deep need for a more restful pace and discharging the willpower energy of others after you’ve taken it in and amplified it. It is important to understand that you are inherently worthy by nature of existing. Isn’t it ironic that society, mainly full of people lacking consistent willpower, is so bent on promoting the idea of pushing hard and competing? Imagine how beautiful it would be if ⅞ of the population were more at peace with themselves. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone. Rely on your strategy and authority instead of the noise in your mind to ensure you are making decisions correctly.

human design spleen center

The themes of the spleen center are fear (and courage), time and primal survival instincts. It also deals with health and well-being, your values and spontaneity. Though it is related to the immune system as a whole, it is specifically associated with the lymphatic system.

When your spleen center is defined, you will receive instant impulses all about self-preservation. This built-in and consistent instinctiveness aids your strategy whether you spleen is your authority or not. For example, imagine you are a projector with a defined spleen. When you receive an invitation, you will get a hit of intuition right away about whether the invitation is for you. Because the spleen tends to be quieter than the ajna and solar plexus (the other centers you take information from) learning to trust your splenic instincts might take some getting used to. Since you will consistently feel it, though, with practice it can become second nature. The more you tune in, the more familiar you’ll become with your personal consistency. When it comes to your health, you probably have a pretty strong immune system and rarely get ill. However, you may not realize when you are getting sick and consequently you may not get the rest you need to avoid a full-blown illness. To avoid this, make sure you are getting regular cycles of rest in your life however you need according to your type and strategy.

Without realizing it, you are highly intuitive. Unlike those with a defined spleen, though, the way that your intuitive hits come to you could be different every time. Intuition could come through any of your senses. Adding to that, you will not consistently feel your instincts due to changes of environment and in the transit field. Staying “open-minded” about how you might be experiencing instinctive energy can help you learn to trust yourself. Since the spleen has to do with fear and survival, you will easily pick up on the fears of those around you. One day you might be totally fine with public speaking and the next day you may really believe that you’ll surely die if you have to give a speech. The particular gates you have defined will flavor the way you experience these basic survival instincts. Has anyone ever called you a hypochondriac? Do you feel yourself getting sick days before the illness is physically recognizable to others–even doctors? You’re not crazy, you probably just have an open spleen. Being around people who are physically ill, as in a hospital, may be difficult for you as you may experience some or many of the symptoms yourself. As difficult as it may be to hear, if you are working in a medically-related field and regularly feeling physically sick or even just “off,” it may be time to take a break from that field in order to improve the quality of your life. Of course, if you have the tools to let those ailments pass through you and you have plenty of time to rest and discharge that energy, you might be alright. The healthier your relationship is to your spleen, the easier it will be to determine the difference between your own health needs and the needs of others. This is just something to consider as you seek to improve your life according to your human design. Trust your own strategy and inner knowing first and foremost when it comes to these decisions regardless of what you hear or read.


human design solar plexus

The solar plexus is all about emotional energy. It’s about creativity, hope and the faith that you have all the support you need whether you are in a high or low emotional state. This center also deals with passion, sensuality and intimacy in our relationships; as well as our fantasies and imaginations. The solar plexus center is associated with the nervous system as well as several major organs. One’s emotional well-being is therefore crucial for our physical well-being. The solar plexus is unique in that it is both an awareness center and a motor.

Just over half of the population has a defined emotional solar plexus. If yours is defined, you have something called an emotional wave. This means that you need to “ride of wave” so to speak, before making major decisions. A defined emotional solar plexus always means that your authority is emotional. If your answer is yes at both the highs and lows of your emotional wave, you’ll know for sure it’s a true yes. Alternatively, you can be sure it’s a “no” when your answer is inconsistent over time; ie, “yes” when you’re on the high part of your wave and “no” when your wave dips lower. If you are wishy-washy when you are deciding to do something or not and you go ahead with it before you have full clarity, the entire experience you said yes to may feel wishy-washy, because you didn’t have full clarity in the initial decision. INSERT GRAPHIC Now, there is no specific amount of time that an emotional wave will last. It’s going to be unique to each individual, and it’s up to you to get in touch with it. Clues can be found in the defined channels of your solar plexus. These channels will produce individual, collective or tribal waves, which will flavor the experience of your wave. You can start to understand your personal pattern by journaling daily about your emotional state and seeing how it shifts over time. You will begin to notice and appreciate your own rhythm more and more as you pay attention. When it’s the correct time to make a decision, you may feel an internal “click,” as if all of the gears have shifted into place and are ready to operate. You may feel a sense of peace or internal calm. Rushing into an opportunity will likely cause you to experience the not-self theme of your particular energy type.

Just under half of you will have an undefined solar plexus. If this is you, you are a true empath. Feeling the emotional energy of those around you is your everyday experience. You may have been conditioned to avoid conflict to an extreme, making you appear to be almost “too nice” so as not to make waves and receive backlash. On the other hand, your conditioned self may be addicted to creating or involving yourself in drama to feel high. Of course, every high is followed by a crash. It’s important for those of you with an undefined solar plexus to find the balance of being unapologetically who you are and carefully protecting yourselves against the consequences of amplifying emotional drama in your environment. You are designed to take in the emotional energy only to understand your environment, not to hold onto it and identify with it. Identifying with emotional energy which is not yours will leave you feeling emotionally out of control. Others may have viewed you as emotionally unstable in the past, which can play into the dread of engaging with others. Confrontation might be among your worst fears. When you understand what is not yours, however, you can begin to find the freedom to express the truth of who you are without fearing others’ unpleasant responses. You simply cannot please everyone. Experiencing the beauty of an emotional experience occurs when you do not identify with the emotions themselves. The world needs you to be unashamedly you. 

Continue on to part 3, where we explore the final two centers–the sacral center and the root center.


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