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“When I read HD charts (& when I’ve received HD readings) it’s common that the information is not necessarily “new” to the receiver. A reading tends to validate parts of ourselves that we’ve doubted or suppressed our whole lives. A reading often gives permission to things that we really wanted but seemed “too good to be true”. Sure there might be some surprises in there! But ultimately I see HD leading individuals back to their own intuition & autonomy. Back to their own inner voice. It’s like a reminder of “oh yea, oh right, I can trust myself. My inner voice IS guiding me & has been all along”. This. This is why I love to do readings”.

Emily Vino
Human Design PDX - Pink+Green

A Human Design reading is an opportunity for an energetic shift. If you are booking a reading, you are receptive & ready. I cover Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers, Gates, Channels, Planets & will meet you where you are at. If you already have a solid knowledge of Type & Strategy, we can spend more time on the more complex parts of your chart.

My readings are informed by a sprinkle of Vedic Astrology & are made whole by my Embodiment practice recommendations. Elements from your Vedic chart give me a deep understanding of your soul. Embodiment practices will help the information from the reading integrate & manifest on the physical plane. 

For those looking for a deep dive in a specific area, check out my specialized readings for Career, Creatives, & Sensuality.

My readings typically 60 min long but please allow for 75 min as a buffer time.

HumanDesignPDX general reading

General Reading (Video) - $120 - 75 mins

In this General Reading, we will cover Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers, Gates, Channels, Planets, and Incarnation Cross

If you are new to Human Design or if you are not sure what area you want to focus on, this reading is for you. Don’t be fooled by the word “General” – this reading is absolutely a deep dive! If you already have an understanding of elements of your chart (ex. Type, Strategy, Authority), I will meet you where you are at to be sure you get the most out of your reading. 

You will receive a copy of the video recording from our session & a PDF of my notes on your chart. 


Career Reading (Video) - $120 - 75 mins

Whether you are trying to discover your ideal career, looking to change career paths, or wondering how you can double down on & amp up the career path you are already on, this reading is for you.

Your Type, Strategy, Authority, & Centers inform your best work flow. Your Gates, Channels, & Planets give ample information of your gifts & strengths. Your Vedic chart will shed light on the overlap between your career & your dharma (your soul’s purpose) & can help with timing.

You will receive a copy of the video recording from our session & a PDF of my notes on your chart.


for Creatives (Video) - $120 - 75 mins

If you’re an artist/creative experiencing creative block on current projects or wanting to know how you best receive inspiration, this reading is for you. 

In this reading we use Type, Strategy, & Authority to get the energetics right. We use Centers to see how inspiration best comes to you & which environments will be most supportive. Your Vedic chart will shed light on creative blocks, honing in on your unique creative process, timelines, & show the connection between your creativity & your dharma (soul purpose). 

You will receive a copy of the video recording from our session & a PDF of my notes on your chart.


Follow-up Reading (Video) - $65 - 45 mins


This reading is for returning clients ONLY!

If you’ve already had a reading with me & felt we didn’t have enough time or if you want to touch base on the things we already talked about, you can schedule a 30-45 min follow-up reading.

Please note this will be a follow-up reading based on your previous booking. For example, if you had a general reading previously, this follow-up reading will be a general one as well.



Human Design Reading

Audio Taster - $55 - 30 mins

If you’re not sure if you want a reading, but are curious about Human Design, then this taster reading is for you. 

This will be a 30 minute audio recording that will be sent to you via email. The reading will touch on very basic areas of your chart.